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Read more about the CD release in this article
from The Good Times:
Harpin Jonny

Here's a review of the
new CD by
Mary McCaslin :
Santa Cruz Sentinal


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  From Rod and Honey Piazza, a great blues player:
 "Harpin' Jonny Your CD sounded great!!! Keep it up....preserve this great
music that we love!!!! All the best...Honey"      
Presenting my new CD:

Harpin Jonny's new CD 'Harpster'

You can buy my new CD
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and listen to:

That's What Knocks Me Out
Solitary Man
Random Acts of Kindness
One More Jack Daniels
Midnight Again
Puerto De Azul
Sugarfoot Rag
Over the Rainbow
Pretty Little Lights of Town
Baby Please Don’t Go
Read more about the Cd release in this article from The Good Times:
Harpin Jonny
Here's a review of the new CD by Mary McCaslin :
Santa Cruz Sentinal review

Harpin Jonny's CD Harpin Around

Charlie Musselwhite, famous versatile harmonica player:
"I enjoyed listening to your CD. Condition Crazy has some good lyrics. I like the voices opening Lonesome Whistle. Good harp playing too, of course. I wish you luck with it. It was nice meeting you and thanks for the kind words."

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1.When the Train Comes
2.Long Distance Call
3.Condition Crazy
4.Lonesome Whistle Blues
7.Jaguar and Thunderbird
8.I'll Be Long Gone
9.Walkin' Blues
10.Too Many Drivers
11.Street Walkin' Woman
12. Girl Can't Help It
13. Leopard Skin Pill Box Hat

CD Info

Harpin Jonny Troutner - Harmonicas, Train Whistle, Background Vocal
Ken Kraft - Background Vocal, Lead, Slide, and Rhythm Guitars
Craig Owens - Lead Vocals, Bass, Background Vocals
Tiran Porter - Bass - Walkin' Blues, Sunnytown, Pill Box Hat -
Leslie - Sunnytown
Larry Hosford - Lead Vocal and Rhythm Guitar
Jim Roy - Lead Vocal, Acoustic Guitar
Peter Clark - Lead Vocal, Rhythm Guitar - Sunnytown & Pill Box Hat ;
RhythmGuitar - I'll be Long Gone
Jim Norris - Drums
Gary Kehoe - Percussion
Tom Lawson - B-3 Organ
Chaz Alley - Sax - Sunnytown
Randy Rueter - Lead Vocal, Acoustic Guitar
Bob O'Neill - Backgound Vocal - Jaguar & T-Bird,
Lead Guitar - Too Many Drivers, Rhythm Guitar - Pill Box Hat
Lisa Troutner - Background Vocal - Train Comes & I'll Be Long
Lee Durley - Background Vocal - Girl Can't Help It, Jaguar & T-bird
David Ford - Background Vocal - Girl Can't Help It


Jim Lee -Songwriter
Tom Lawson- Blues at 11
B-Movie Kings-
B Movie Kings www.bmoviekings.net
Randy Jones -
Waitin on the Night
Wind Jammin -
Larry Hosford Band
Now -
Stormin' Norman and the Cyclones
Shelter for the Blues -
Deja Blue
Love is Blind -
Santa Cruz Blues CD: Best of Santa Cruz
Studio E; Live with Larry Hosford and Nina Gerber

Here's the Latest You-Tube Clips of Fred Eaglesmith and
the Capitola Beach Show

Fred Eaglesmith performs at Harpin' Jonny's outdoor concert

Harpin Jonny That Buckin Song in Capitola

Harpin Jonny and the Primadons in Capitola 2009

Here's two new live tracks for your listening enjoyment!
Baby Please Don't Go
Midnite Again
You-Tube Clips from the Catalyst

Cherry Blossom                     Lonesome
When the Train Comes         Mohair

Check out Jon with Larry Hosford and Ken Kraft at Arden's Garden!

For a video clip of
Love Is Like A Tractor
click here

For a video clip of
Great Big Hole In My Soul
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Harpin' Jonny
Linda Koffman /The Goodtimes 11/24/08
For most people, the clean, sharp howling of the harp calls forth rustic porchfront blues like a whistle calls forth a train; the two go hand-in-hand and there ain’t no separation. Don’t tell that to Jonny Troutner. Better known as Harpin’ Jonny , he knows there’s more to the harmonica than simply the blues, and he’s been out proving it for nearly two decades. “There isn’t any song that I can’t play on the harmonica,” he states. “I don’t see it being limited to any certain type of music and I don’t think it should be summed up as just a blues instrument.” Blowing through those minuscule metal windows on Bay Area stages since ’92, he wasn’t initially struck or confined by those stereotypical blues harmonica riffs. Instead, it was Norton Buffalo , Toots Thielemans and Charlie Musselwhite who guided him to wail through an array of bluegrass, rock, country, and jazz, in addition to the blues. “I like to embellish a song by creating melody or answers to the song, and even add percussion through the harmonica.

Being able to make something interesting out of nothing is what I like to do.” And he’s been doing it ever since the age of 7. Currently alongside The Primadons, The Groovehounds and The Larry Hosford Band , not to mention studio stints for various collaborations, he’s become a Santa Cruz staple who’s even sat in with Robert Earl Keen and Paul Thorn . “Now I play so much that sometimes I’d rather hide and listen,” he admits with a laugh. Still, despite three bands and a solo album in the works, he also knows when to quit. Whereas some musicians’ nerves can flutter in fear that a harpist will drill through a tune with no restraint, Troutner understands that silence can be golden. “Most of the time, people overplay when they play the harmonica,” he admits of his breed’s reputation. “You gotta learn how to listen and play in the right places. Then people will know they can trust you to go in and not wreck the song.” Needless to say, we trust you, Jonny.
The Goodtimes;
The true talent of a musician is not measured in the numberof notes played,
but rather the choice of notes played. Therein lies the strength of this new release
by Santa Cruz stalwart Harpin; JonnyTroutner, who spends his days selling stones at Antolini Company. Instead of showing off with John Popper-like wanking. Jonny plays only what's right for the song. On the opening Doobie Brothers-esque
"When the Train Comes," his harmonica plays second fiddle to the almighty song, and the strong harmony vocals of lead singer Craig Owens and Troutner's daughter Lisa.
Piedmont-style blues renditions of Muddy Waters' "Long Distance Call" and Doc Watson's "Southbound" let Jonny pull out his best blues chops, though he never overpowers the accompanying acoustic guitar and vocals from Jim Roy. In fact, Jonny doesn't sing at all on this record.

More Reviews
Shop Record's;
Harpin' Jonny is an amazing harmonica player based in
Santa Cruz California with one wonderful album. The
tracks feature some of the foremost musicians on
the Central Coast of California, including Tiran Porter of
The Doobie Brothers, Ken Kraft and Bob O'neill of
The Snail Band, Larry Hosford and more.

Kevin's Harps;
This is Wholesome harp! Uncooked and real. You've heard
the club sound, the soulful licks of some of the greats jump,
swing and gospel tunes, but when's the last time you've
heard traditions in its purest form? Imagine sittin' in on
the first performances of Charlie McCoy, Jon Gindick,
or Norton Buffalo you'd know they were gonna be stars.
Well, if you didn't get the chance to hear these guys coming
up, you don't want to miss Harpin' Jonny. You'll be able
to say, "Yeah, I remember when..." Homegrown and
wholesome come hear him. " Harpin' Around."







Jonny has always kept quality company
in his gigging around town, and this release is no different.
Underground country star Larry Hosford sings a pair of cuts including his own novelty gem "Condition Crazy."
Stormin' Norman's guitarist Peter Clark contributes lead
vocals and guitar to a few tracks including his own
"Sunnytown," WhereJonny colors the music with his
chromatic harp. Former Snail guitarist Ken Kraft's parts are typically solid, particularly his rich slide guitar
tone on Bobby Troup's "Girl Can't Help It," and
his tasteful electric chops on Chuck Berry's "Jaguar
and Thunderbird."

The lineup also includes top local players such as former Doobie Brother Tiran Porter, as well as Jim Norris
and Gary Kehoe. But no egos are clamoring for
attention here, and the team works well as a cohesive unit.




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